Hi Everyone, thanks for your patience while I’ve been recovering from the April flooding. Losing a studio space and then regaining that space in a different part of the house was rough, but getting back into the habit of drawing and posting on a regular basis was more difficult than I thought. Hopefully I’m going to start turning the corner in that respect.

On a side note I’ve been getting into reading and thinking about Goodman Games, Dungeon Crawl Classics, role playing game. Old school at it’s finest. Rules wise it allows for a lot of player and GM creativity instead of lots of small rules helping to dictate what your characters can do. A friend of mine had been begging me to check it out and I did but only marginally. I was running a Pathfinder campaign and digging that system a lot (still do), so I couldn’t devote much time other than to think that DCC was the Red Box D&D with crazier dice. Boy was I wrong. I started listening to the Spellburn podcast and they really got me hooked. Hopefully I can find or even start a campaign at some point. I must experience the 0-level funnel! :-)

Anyway, more posts as I rebuild my habits. Thanks again.



Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve missed posting Wednesday and today. Still no office at home so it’s been rough pulling things together to post. Currently it looks like I’ll be doing my best to post till the end of the month when my office is scheduled to be rebuilt on the 2nd floor hopefully far enough away from creeks that refuse to stay in their bed.  In the meantime I’m working on writing and some future projects.

Happy Friday!


PS: Welcome to anyone that found their way here via Johnny Feisty. Always nice to meet friends of friends. :-)

When your whole office gets torn apart and is still apart it’s hard to get anything done. I’m not sure how I expected myself to be able to crank out any comics this week. So, I’m shooting for next Monday to get back to it.

I’ve learned a few things with this flooding.

  1. Don’t have your office in the basement if you live near a body of water.
  2. cleanup really kinda sucks
  3. water is powerful
  4. Always be thankful for good friends, neighbors, and family
  5. I definitely need to invest in a better sump and a portable generator. If I would have lost power I’d have lost a lot more than a few odds and ends
  6. low shelved items get put into water proof tubs
  7. I’ll always keep my basement mostly concrete, in fact if I ever buy a house with a finished basement I’ll probably tear out the carpeting and refinish with a nice epoxy concrete paint and make sure everything below ground level is waterproof or resistant at least.

Hope you all are well, stay safe and be thankful for those good neighbors, friends, and family.

Sorry about not having a comic again today. I’m still getting things sorted and straightened out from the flood. I will have new comics Wednesday and Friday.

I definitely need to work on a buffer.

waterFrontSorry everyone, no post today. This photo is a picture from in front of my house. Needless to say, Salt Creek got a little too close for comfort. My office is in my basement and I spent yesterday afternoon moving everything to higher ground. Thankfully I didn’t lose anything but things I should have put in recycling or thrown away anyway. More comics coming this Monday… I’m suspecting a water theme or maybe something about sewers.

Hope you all stay high, dry, and safe.

I guess I should have been realistic and realized that with family in town and the actual holiday on Monday AND Tuesday that there wouldn’t be any time for Wednesday’s comic. I’m sorry, but comics will continue this Friday. Hope you all continue to have a safe and wonderful holiday season.



Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I’m taking Monday off… well, really Saturday and Sunday since that’s when I actually would be creating Monday’s comic. Going to spend some time with my family that’s in from out of town and have a Season 2 Game of Thrones fest and probably watch a bunch of horror movies too, I believe Mario Bava movies may be featured heavily. Coffee will be clutch.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! And if you’re reading this Friday, HAPPY SOLSTICE!



Hi Everybody,

I decided that with the full time job cranking away, and the holidays coming up I’d cut back on my comics to 3 days a weeks (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). After the new year I’ll revisit my schedule and if I have the time I may go back to Monday through Friday. But, I’m hoping to use the extra time to focus on a few side project ideas I’ve been kicking around for awhile and would like to try and complete. A few children’s book ideas and a bunch of horror graphic novels plus a more story driven online comic.

Thanks for the support,


Get them while they’re hot!


$5 gets you 32 original vector images to color. Because they’re vector based you can print them out as large as you want/can without fear of the jagged edges appearing.


Hello everyone,

One of the things I’ve been working feverishly on this month is a coloring book for Halloween. I’m going to make it available as a pdf via Gumroad and each illustration is being done using Adobe Illustrator. Meaning they’ll be vector based so not only will you be able to print as many copies of an image as you need but you’ll be able to print it out at any size. I’m hoping some folks have access to plotters and they and/or their kids can color something huge for the door.

Here are a few rough samples of the 32 images that will make up the book. This weekend is going to be spent on getting them all rendered and pulled together as a pdf book.

Have a great weekend!